MORPHE BRUSHES Black Master Pro Brush Set - 513

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Black Master Pro Brush Set includes:

1 : MB33-JumboFan Bristles13/4" FullLength7" BristleType:Synthetic
2 : MB1-DeluxePowder Bristles2" FullLength71/2" BristleType:Synthetic
3 : MB5-DeluxeDuoFoundation Bristles11/4" FullLength6" BristleType:Synthetic
4 : MB2-RoundPowder Bristles11/2" FullLength7" BristleType:Synthetic
5 : MB4-AngleBlush/Contour Bristles11/4" FullLength61/2" BristleType:Synthetic
6 : MB6-FlatBuffer Bristles1" FullLength6" BristleType:Synthetic
7 : MB8-SmallBuffer Bristles11/4" FullLength7" BristleType:Synthetic
8 : MB9-Foundation Bristles1" FullLength63/4" BristleType:Synthetic
9 : MB15-FirmShadow Bristles1/2" FullLength6" BristleType:Synthetic
10 : MB17-FlatBlender Bristles1/2" FullLength61/2" BristleType:Synthetic
11 : MB23-RoundBlender Bristles1" FullLength7" BristleType:Synthetic
12 : MB10Concealer Bristles1/2" FullLength61/2" BristleType:Synthetic
13 : MB20-OvalShadow Bristles1/2" FullLength61/4" BristleType:Synthetic
14 : MB18-RoundCrease Bristles1/32" FullLength61/4" BristleType:Synthetic
15 : MB27-DetailCrease Bristles1/32" FullLength63/4" BristleType:Synthetic
16 : MB19-OvalLip Bristles1/2" FullLength61/2" BristleType:Synthetic
17 : MB16-ChiselShader Bristles1/32" FullLength61/2" BristleType:Synthetic
18 : MB32-DetailAngleLiner Bristles1/32" FullLength61/2" BristleType:Synthetic
19 : MB26-SmallDetail Bristles1/32" FullLength61/2" BristleType:Synthetic
20 : MB21-DetailCrease Bristles1/32" FullLength61/4" BristleType:Synthetic
21 : MB22-Brown/LashGroomer Bristles1" FullLength7" BristleType:
Synthetic Belt has a dimension of 33 inches, including buckle.

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