Multipurpose -Motion Sensor Wireless LED Light

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10cm 6LED
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warm white
Product Description
  • Ditch your traditional light bulbs and lamps. Use a new type of high-efficiency white LED technology: high efficiency, power saving, long life, no radiation, energy-saving, environment-friendly, explosion-proof, luminescence, suitable for use in various places; perfect for illuminating every nooks and cranny of your home, cabinets, and wardrobes.
  • It uses advanced human body thermal infrared detection and induction technology, which is different from traditional and common technologies such as voice control, touch, and buttons. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, anti-interference, fast response speed, and long sensing distance. At the same time, it does not emit any type of radiation, the power consumption of the device is very small, and it is non-contact, which can protect people's health to the greatest extent and avoid accidental infection by germs.
  • The lights automatically turn on when people come and turns off when people go. It is equipped with an optimized induction control design that can realize when to turn the lights on, and automatically delay extinguishing, saving you the hassle of worrying whether or not you turned the lights off before you go.
  • The LED lights have a built-in light sensing device, automatically identifies day and night state, automatically on standby during the day, and sensing light at night, energy-efficient and environment friendly.
  • This light has a reasonable structure design it can hide cleverly on fixings, doors, and wardrobes, easy installation without the use of screws. 



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